Friendly War League FWL A league for the casual serious war enthusiasts.




January 29, 2018

Small Division

Hog Riders


Week 1 (1/29/2018)


Core Alliance vs. The Hardest Ever

Dallas Cowboys vs. United Chosen

No Ragrets vs. LexCorpTM F.E.

Pinnacle FT vs. ChickenFeet

Silent Mayhem vs. Adults Over 21


Week 2 (2/5/2018)


Core Alliance vs. United Chosen

Dallas Cowboys vs. Pinnacle FT

No Ragrets vs. ChickenFeet

Pinnacle FT vs. Dallas Cowboys

Silent Mayhem vs. LexCorpTM F.E.


Week 3 (2/12/2018)


Core Alliance vs. Adults Over 21

Dallas Cowboys vs. ChickenFeet

No Ragrets vs. Pinnacle FT

Pinnacle FT vs. No Ragrets

Silent Mayhem vs. The Hardest Ever


Week 4 (2/19/2018)


Core Alliance vs. No Ragrets

Dallas Cowboys vs. Silent Mayhem

No Ragrets vs. Core Alliance

Pinnacle FT vs. LexCorpTM F.E.

Silent Mayhem vs. Dallas Cowboys


Week 5 (2/26/2018)


Core Alliance vs. Dallas Cowboys

Dallas Cowboys vs. Core Alliance

No Ragrets vs. United Chosen

Pinnacle FT vs. Silent Mayhem

Silent Mayhem vs. Pinnacle FT


Week 6 (3/2/2018)


Core Alliance vs. Silent Mayhem

Dallas Cowboys vs. No Ragrets

No Ragrets vs. Dallas Cowboys

Pinnacle FT vs. Adults Over 21

Silent Mayhem vs. Core Alliance


Week 7 (3/9/2018)


Core Alliance vs. Pinnacle FT

Dallas Cowboys vs. The Hardest Ever

No Ragrets vs. Silent Mayhem

Pinnacle FT vs. Core Alliance

Silent Mayhem vs. No Ragrets


Small Division



Week 1 (1/29/2018)


Adults Over 21 vs. Silent Mayhem

ChickenFeet vs. Pinnacle FT

LexCorpTM F.E. vs. No Ragrets

The Hardest Ever vs. Core Alliance

United Chosen vs. Dallas Cowboys


Week 2 (2/5/2018)


Adults Over 21 vs. The Hardest Ever

ChickenFeet vs. No Ragrets

LexCorpTM F.E. vs. Silent Mayhem

The Hardest Ever vs. Adults Over 21

United Chosen vs. Core Alliance


Week 3 (2/12/2018)


Adults Over 21 vs. Core Alliance

ChickenFeet vs. Dallas Cowboys

LexCorpTM F.E. vs. United Chosen

The Hardest Ever vs. Silent Mayhem

United Chosen vs. LexCorpTM F.E.


Week 4 (2/19/2018)


Adults Over 21 vs. United Chosen

ChickenFeet vs. The Hardest Ever

LexCorpTM F.E. vs. Pinnacle FT

The Hardest Ever vs. ChickenFeet

United Chosen vs. Adults Over 21


Week 5 (2/26/2018)


Adults Over 21 vs. ChickenFeet

ChickenFeet vs. Adults Over 21

LexCorpTM F.E. vs. The Hardest Ever

The Hardest Ever vs. LexCorpTM F.E.

United Chosen vs. No Ragrets


Week 6 (3/2/2018)


Adults Over 21 vs. Pinnacle FT

ChickenFeet vs. LexCorpTM F.E.

LexCorpTM F.E. vs. ChickenFeet

The Hardest Ever vs. United Chosen

United Chosen vs. The Hardest Ever


Week 7 (3/9/2018)


Adults Over 21 vs. LexCorpTM F.E.

ChickenFeet vs. United Chosen

LexCorpTM F.E. vs. Adults Over 21

The Hardest Ever vs. Dallas Cowboys

United Chosen vs. ChickenFeet

Small Division



Week 1 (1/29/2018)


1st vs. Nightmares

Armstrongs vs. Whitey Tighties

Gdawgs vs. Wine-Os

Kingdom vs. Midwest Mafia

Reddit Night vs. Kings Landing


Week 2 (2/5/2018)


1st vs. Wine-Os

Armstrongs vs. Kings Landing

Gdawgs vs. Reddit Night

Kingdom vs. Nightmares

Reddit Night vs. Gdawgs


Week 3 (2/12/2018)


1st vs. Gdawgs

Armstrongs vs. Midwest Mafia

Gdawgs vs. 1st

Kingdom vs. Whitey Tighties

Reddit Night vs. Wine-Os


Week 4 (2/19/2018)


1st vs. Armstrongs

Armstrongs vs. 1st

Gdawgs vs. Nightmares

Kingdom vs. Reddit Night

Reddit Night vs. Armstrongs


Week 5 (2/26/2018)


1st vs. Kings Landing

Armstrongs vs. Reddit Night

Gdawgs vs. Kingdom

Kingdom vs. Gdawgs

Reddit Night vs. Armstrongs


Week 6 (3/2/2018)


1st vs. Reddit Night

Armstrongs vs. Kingdom

Gdawgs vs. Midwest Mafia

Kingdom vs. Armstrongs

Reddit Night vs. 1st


Week 7 (3/9/2018)


1st vs. Kingdom

Armstrongs vs. Gdawgs

Gdawgs vs. Armstrongs

Kingdom vs. 1st

Reddit Night vs. Whitey Tighties


Small Division



Week 1 (1/29/2018)


Kings Landing vs. Reddit Night

Midwest Mafia vs. Kingdom

Nightmares vs. 1st

Whitey Tighties vs. Armstrongs

Wine-Os vs. Gdawgs


Week 2 (2/5/2018)


Kings Landing vs. Armstrongs

Midwest Mafia vs. Whitey Tighties

Nightmares vs. Kingdom

Whitey Tighties vs. Midwest Mafia

Wine-Os vs. 1st


Week 3 (2/12/2018)


Kings Landing vs. Nightmares

Midwest Mafia vs. Armstrongs

Nightmares vs. Kings Landing

Whitey Tighties vs. Kingdom

Wine-Os vs. Reddit Night


Week 4 (2/19/2018)


Kings Landing vs. Midwest Mafia

Midwest Mafia vs. Kings Landing

Nightmares vs. Gdawgs

Whitey Tighties vs. Nightmares

Wine-Os vs. Whitey Tighties


Week 5 (2/26/2018)


Kings Landing vs. 1st

Midwest Mafia vs. Wine-Os

Nightmares vs. Whitey Tighties

Whitey Tighties vs. Nightmares

Wine-Os vs. Midwest Mafia


Week 6 (3/2/2018)


Kings Landing vs. Whitey Tighties

Midwest Mafia vs. Gdawgs

Nightmares vs. Wine-Os

Whitey Tighties vs. Kings Landing

Wine-Os vs. Nightmares


Week 7 (3/9/2018)


Kings Landing vs. Wine-Os

Midwest Mafia vs. Nightmares

Nightmares vs. Midwest Mafia

Whitey Tighties vs. Reddit Night

Wine-Os vs. Kings Landing