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Friendly War League

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Fair Play

FWL is strictly for fair play clans! No exceptions and players, teams, and/or clans found in violation are subject to expulsion from the league.

Why should I Join?

We're very active players that want to foster communication and competition between other clans in the war community. Members discuss clan wars strategies, attack plans, help each other improve in other aspects of the game, or just discuss daily life that completely have nothing to do with the game.

League Requirements

Clan leaders / members are expected to be mature and have the ability to work well with others. League is competitive enough to where each clan should want to win, make all their attacks, and show respect for their opponents but the atmosphere and attitude will be focus on the casual player/clan. Keep drama to a minimum!

Our Vision

To create the most versatile, competitive, supportive, interactive, sociable war league that caters to all types of war players. Looking for a family of clans that can build a strong bond of sportsmanship that fosters a positive environment for all those that participate in the Friendly War League.

League Rules and Guidelines

Weekly Match-up and Schedule

Clans  | FWL Division - Large

Clans  | FWL Division - Small

Hog Riders

Clans  | FWL Division - Small


Name: Clash Kingz


Name: Destroyers


Name: Gorillas


Name: House of El


Name: Lietuvos Skydas


Name: NightCap Fury

Name: FARDori'llSHOOT


Name: Warpocalypse

Season 2 Champion (L)


Name: We Love Hogs


Name: YNWA

Name: Core Alliance


Name: Dallas Cowboys


Name: No Ragrets

Season 2 Champion (S)


Name: Pinnacle FT


Name: Silent Mayhem

Clans  | FWL Division - Small


Name: Adults Over 21


Name: Chicken Feet


Name: LexCorpTM F.E.


Name: The Hardest Ever


Name: United Chosen

Name: 1st


Name: Armstrongs


Name: Gdawgs


Name: Kingdom


Name: Reddit Night

Clans  | FWL Division - Small


Name: HFAC


Name: Kings Landing


Name: Midwest Mafia


Name: Nightmares


Name: WhiteyTighties


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Season 3 Sign Ups

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